What is Modern Day Roots?

Modern Day Roots. 3 words stacked together like this must have a huge underlying purpose right? Yes….no….maybe? I think so…..

This all started when I wanted to make a shirt for our daughter to wear on her adoption day. After almost a year in our home it was time for her to be forever ours and I wanted something to represent the greatness of that day.

But…….How do I put into words what it is this all means?

What is the right amount of me to share with you?

I have prayed about what to say. I have asked God to give me words and pleaded with him to help me put myself aside. He knows the inner workings of my heart so he knows the tall order I am asking. This little company, this little thing I am doing is incredibly scary but I want what God wants. If he wants this then I want it. If he doesn’t then well, I will have a lot of tee shirts for my family to wear. So what are we doing here? What are we all about? What is Modern Day Roots? Simply put, it’s you and it’s me.

Are we advocates for foster care? Heck Yes!

Are we celebrators of adoption? Oh my word, absolutely!

Are we supporters of you while you and your family walk through your own redemption story? Like you wouldn’t believe!

We love your small family and your big family and your completely unconventional “how in the world did this happen” family. We aren’t stuck on where you’re from or what you’ve done. We want roots to make a major comeback. The definition of being rooted means to be deeply and firmly connected to a greater whole. It means, a cause to grow. There is no way to say this without getting all  “I believe the children are our future” on you but We are completely all in for young people. It is our hope to have servant hearts in the name of Jesus when it comes to young people. That we would beg for Jesus to sweep in and inconvenience us. That he would drop on the doorsteps of you and I what really matters.  It is simply unfair that so many kids don’t have roots. Every child deserves to be planted in the truth. That they are loved. That they are worth it. I know the pain of a broken home and I know all about the lost, fragile heart it can leave you with. I am also proof that God will meet you smack dab in the middle of it. He can heal it and use every last drop of it. Kids need to see the gospel lived out in front of them and to know that the ultimate gift is to be planted in the roots of Christ. We are incredibly thankful to every single person sporting our designs. We have been stoked to give shirts to 5 kiddos so far as adoption day gifts and can’t wait to give away more. It is also our deepest desire to let God lead us to ways we can invest financially into beautiful foster children as well as families going through adoption. In future posts to come I hope to be vulnerable enough with you that you see my struggles. I have a lot. I also promise to hold back enough so that you don’t go running for the hills. Our hope is that you would love these shirts, that you would wear them and let people ask you about them. That this will become about way more than selling shirts. That ultimately you and I become rooted in our savior. That you may plant yourselves somewhere, somehow in this cause, to bring roots to kiddos all over the world in this modern day.

“For you have been rooted in him & are being built up and strengthened in faith”  Col 2:7

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